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Enjoy a Life of Well-Being in Anderson!


Wanting a life filled with health and happiness? The community that you live in can have a huge impact on your sense of well-being. Anderson is a city that has much to offer its residents. Excellent local schools, strong economic development, plentiful recreational facilities, and a strong sense of community are just some of the many amazing attributes of this city. Residents love calling this town home and feel a strong sense of well-being. In fact, the Anderson area was named one of the country’s top communities for well-being! The Dallas-Fort Worth metropolitan area offers its residents a happy, healthy life! With amazing recreational facilities, thriving economy, endless amenities and services, and so much more, it is no wonder why residents love calling this area home. According to a report by to a report by Gallup-Healthways, Dallas-Fort Worth is one of the country’s top communities for its residents well-being!

This recognition was given in a report by Gallup-Healthways that examined the well-being of residents in communities across the country. Telephone polls were conducted by Gallup with 354,473 adults during 2015 and 2016. The pollees were given a scale of 0 to 100 to evaluated their sense of well-being. There were 5 key factors used to determine the overall Well-Being Index Score. These factors included PURPOSE, SOCIAL, FINANCIAL, COMMUNITY, and PHYSICAL. Communities were also ranked within each of these factors.

Anderson was found to be one of the country’s top communities for well-being. Its Well-Being Index Score was an impressive 63.2! The city ranked in the top 30 American cities for Purpose, Social, and Community. Congrats to Anderson for this amazing recognition!

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Source: Gallup-Healthways State of American Well-Being

Excellent local schools are an important factor for all home buyers. Buyers with children want to ensure that they are receiving the best possible education available. Even if you do not currently have children or if they are all grown up, local schools should still be a factor when deciding what home you are going to buy. Studies show that strong local schools help increase the value of a home! Are you looking to Buy your dream home in Western Upstate South Carolina? There are top rated school districts throughout the region!

The school districts in our region are considered some of the best in the entire state! Education ranking and review website Niche released their list of the best public school districts in South Carolina for 201y. Using data from the U.S. Department of Education and reviews from millions of Niche users, the website ranked the state’s 81 districts based on several factors including academics, athletics, extracurriculars, teachers, facilities, student outcomes, and more.

When the results came back, 7 area school districts were found within the state’s top 35!! Congrats to these great school districts and thank you for all that you do for our students and communities. Click on the district links below for more information.

#9 Anderson School District One | 801 North Hamilton Street, Williamston

Overall Niche Grade of A-


#14 School District of Pickens County | 1348 Griffin Mill Road, Easley

Overall Niche Grade of B+


#15 Anderson School District 4 | 315 East Queen Street, Pendleton

Overall Niche Grade of B+


#16 Anderson School District Five | 400 Pearman Dairy Road, Anderson

Overall Niche Grade of B+

#19 School District of Oconee County | 414 South Pine Street, Walhalla

Overall Niche Grade of B+

#23 Anderson County School District 2 | 10990 Belton-Honea Path Highway, Honea Path

Overall Niche Grade of B+

#33 Anderson School District Three | 335 West Front Street, Iva

Overall Niche Grade of B

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Spring is ready to bloom. That means warmer weather and an active housing market! If you are looking to Buy or Sell in Western Upstate South Carolina this spring, it is important to be ready for the market. Here are our tips for navigating your way through this spring.  

Buying this Spring!

Have your Home Financing ready to go as you enter the market. It is easy to apply for a Mortgage today! By having your finances in order, you can appropriately budget for your dream home and know what you can afford. Plus, sellers will know that you are serious about buying by having everything figured out ahead of time. It is going to be a competitive market this spring. Stay ahead of your competition by taking some simple steps. The first is to be flexible in your negotiations. If you find a home that you know is the perfect fit for you, you need to realize that it might take several conversations and offers to make it your own. Next, if there are other offers on the table, write a personal letter to the seller expressing why you and your family want the home. This will truly make you stand out amongst everyone else.

Selling this Spring!

In order to make your home attractive to potential buyers, there are several steps that you should take this spring. The first is to make your home look its very best. Update its curb appeal, add a fresh coat of paint, declutter and depersonalize, and do any other simple updates to make your home stand out. Next, pricing is very important. You want to understand the market during the spring and what a reasonable price is for your home. Use our Home Value website to ensure that you are listing your home at a price point that makes sense. Work with the Top Realtor in the area to help sell your home quickly and at a price that works for you and your family.

If you are interested in buying or selling in our area this spring, Farris McCall Team is here to help. Give us a call today or visit Our Website at

Top Fears When Buying Or Selling Your Home


Deciding to buy or sell your home is an exciting time! It means new beginnings and changes for you and your family! With those big changes, there is invariably some fear that plays into it. Both buyers and sellers experience fear when entering the market. There are so many things that seem out of your control. We have listed the major fears for home buyers and sellers to better understand how both sides of the market feel. The best way to combat these fears? Work with an Experienced Realtor!! We are here to help both buyers and sellers and make sure that the home buying and selling process is a breeze!


There are many unknowns when deciding to BUY a new home. You might have found your dream home but there are still things that you find yourself worrying about. The first thing that many buyers fear is Price. You want to make sure that you are buying the home for a fair price. A real estate agent can let you know what the home is worth to ensure that you are getting a good deal. You worry about Unknown Issues. The house looks great upon the showing and you are ready to sign. But what if there are issues that wil end up being costly once you purchase the home. Be sure to have a home inspection completed to avoid any nasty surprises! Also, try to be objective when looking at the home. It might seem perfect but try to see the house during multiple showings and honestly examine how the house will work for you and your family on a daily basis. The Neighborhood might not be what it seemed. One of the variables that you cannot control is the neighborhood. It is possible to get a good sense of what the area is like when you go for a showing but it is impossible to know everything about the neighbors upon a couple hour visit. Try to do your research on the neighborhood ahead of time to diminish this concern. The final fear many home buyers are facing are Interest Rates. These rates are currently changing at a moment's notice meaning that rates can go up before you are ready to buy. An experienced realtor can help you navigate all of your finance questions and concerns throughout the process.


On the other side of the market, there are many fears when you decide to SELL your home. Just like buyers, sellers are also worried about Price. A seller wants to make sure that they get the best price possible. Know What Your Home is Worth to help you determine an accurate price for your house and ensure that you will receive offers. It is impossible to know what the Market Response will be for your home. By working with an experienced realtor, they can help garner attention for your home through showings, list at a competitive price, and negotiate offers for you. Even when you have an offer, that does not mean that the fears go away for sellers. You could still face Buyer Issues. It is always a possibility that a buyer might have to back out of the deal due to personal or financial issues. In addition, a Home Inspection could unearth issues that either cost you more money to fix or cause a buyer to second guess the purchase. Working with a realtor can help you through these unexpected turns and continue your journey to finding a buyer for your home.


Having these fears when buying or selling in the real estate market are totally common. Regardless of whether you are being a Buying or Selling, our real estate team is here to help you diminish these fears and help you every step of the way. Give us a call today or visit Our Website at so we can help take the fear out of the process!   

December might not be the most popular time of year for home buying, but as a seller, you can use that to your advantage! Buyers in the winter are motivated to be settled in a new home before the new year. Put potential buyers in a festive spirit by adding some seasonal decor to your home. Just make sure that you decorations help make your home look stylish and inviting. Follow these decorating tips for selling your Seneca home this holiday season!

Clean and Stage Your Home. As is the first step whenever you are selling your home, you need to do a thorough cleaning of your home. Once the home has been cleaned, stage every room as you normally would.


Declutter. Remove all non-essential items. Depersonalize your home by storing personal photographs and collectibles. Make sure that countertops are cleared off. Only keep furniture in the rooms that help make them look their best. You want home buyers to be able to picture themselves in your home.


Be Mindful of Your Palette. Use decorations that match your home’s current decor. Pick items that complement the paint colors you already have in order to avoid any clashing. Use rich tones with earth colors or soothing colors with blue tones.


Less Is More. Avoid filling your home with too many decorations. This can distract potential buyers. Instead focus on ways to accent your home’s best features with your holiday decor.


Trim the Tree Thoughtfully. Although personalized ornaments are part of the fun of Christmas, wait until you are celebrating in your new home to use them. Instead, use a cohesive theme on your tree. Also, be mindful of the size of your tree. Make sure that it does not overwhelm the space.


Keep It Neutral. Remember that people celebrate different holidays during the season. Try to avoid overtly religious decorations to avoid putting off some buyers. Focus more on neutral, seasonal decor.


Make It Cozy. Create a warm atmosphere in your home with festive scents. You can also add subtle decorations such as pinecones and evergreen wreaths. A glowing fireplace also helps make your home extra cozy.


Accentuate the Exterior. Use simple string lights to draw attention to the outside architecture of your home or to the landscaping. Make sure to keep it simple outside. Avoid using over the top light displays and decorations this year to maintain beautiful curb appeal.



If you are interested in Selling your home this December, give the McCall Team a call today or visit Our Website at

Resource: HGTV

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