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203 Wildwood Trail Central SC 29630

  • Central SC
  • $489,000
  • MLS # 20175361
  • 0 square feet
  • 3 bedroom(s)
  • 2 bath(s)
  • Lot Size: 25.09
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I think a few words from the seller best describes living at this Great Property. "The most convenient of all is hiking from our home immediately below in the Clemson Experimental Forest. There is a labyrinth of old logging trails which pursue the course of the twelve mile river. Turkey, raccoon, squirrels, chipmunks and deer are frequently seen as well as a large mixture of wild birds. Among these are the pleated woodpecker which is emerging from the endangered status. His wild laughing cry reverberates in the woods and his methodical foraging resounds with each thundering peck as huge chips spin to the ground. Not to be out done are the wild turkey males as they strut, tail feathers fully fanned out, quivering during the spring ritual courting dance for the bevy of enraptured hens. You might even see a gray or red fox silently sneaking around a giant cedar thinking of an early thanksgiving feast. Sometimes on dim-lit days under gray skies the barred owls along the shadows of the twelve mile river begin talking in their plaintive language. If you catch one in a tree above you, the surprising volume is startling. Same thing with a red tail hawk's penetrating and shrill screech. Nature is endless and the wildlife is constantly entertaining. We have enjoyed the 28 years of our journey in the midst of authentic vocal cries and presence of those denizens that truly live in the forest. And as we leave, we hope to bequeath the tranquil home to another who would embrace these simple pleasures in the face of a sometimes frantic world."