The New Year is here! Many people decide that they want to get in better shape as a New Year’s resolution. But, why not put your home on a diet instead?! Over the years, our homes have added a lot of additional baggage and could use some trimming. Follow these great New Year’s Resolutions to get your Western Upstate South Carolina home in tip top shape for 2017.


We all accumulate a lot of things in our homes over the years. It can be difficult to go through and assess what we no longer need. This is important, however to declutter your home. To make the process easier, set a goal for the amount of items you want to remove from your house. Try the 27 fling boogie, which Suze Orman recommends in her book The Courage to Be Rich. Find 27 items that you no longer use or need and put them in a box. Once you have done so, donate the items to charity. Check out Oprah's list Where to Get Rid of Your Stuff to find places in South Carolina that accept all different kinds of donations. You can continue this process at different times throughout the year to remove clutter.



For items that you find in your home that cannot be donated, it is time to toss them. Order a Residential Bagster from Waste Management. This handy item works like a dumpster but is highly portable. All you need to do is fill it with the items you no longer need and schedule a pickup.



If your children have moved out or gone to college, they have likely left some clutter behind. You do not want to get rid of any items that they still might want but you should clean up their items to clear space in your home. Try to have them go through their things the next time they come for a visit. If it will be a while before this happens, take photos of all their items and send the photos to your children digitally. This allows them to see their items and assess what you can get rid of in their absence or put away in storage.


There are also simple steps you can take daily to remove clutter from your home. Mail is something that has the tendency to build up over time. Tackle this problem everyday when the mailman delivers your mail. Toss all junk mail immediately. Put bills and other important documents in a single place so you know where they are when you are ready to handle them. Once they have been taken care of, you can dispose of them properly.



For any items that you need to keep in your house but cannot figure out where to put them, try to think of creative, smart storage solutions. For example, we like THIS simple DIY project for excess books that do not fit on your book shelves. It turns your books into shelves themselves and adds a cool decorative touch to your home.


Wishing you a happy and prosperous New Year!