Deciding to buy or sell your home is an exciting time! It means new beginnings and changes for you and your family! With those big changes, there is invariably some fear that plays into it. Both buyers and sellers experience fear when entering the market. There are so many things that seem out of your control. We have listed the major fears for home buyers and sellers to better understand how both sides of the market feel. The best way to combat these fears? Work with an Experienced Realtor!! We are here to help both buyers and sellers and make sure that the home buying and selling process is a breeze!


There are many unknowns when deciding to BUY a new home. You might have found your dream home but there are still things that you find yourself worrying about. The first thing that many buyers fear is Price. You want to make sure that you are buying the home for a fair price. A real estate agent can let you know what the home is worth to ensure that you are getting a good deal. You worry about Unknown Issues. The house looks great upon the showing and you are ready to sign. But what if there are issues that wil end up being costly once you purchase the home. Be sure to have a home inspection completed to avoid any nasty surprises! Also, try to be objective when looking at the home. It might seem perfect but try to see the house during multiple showings and honestly examine how the house will work for you and your family on a daily basis. The Neighborhood might not be what it seemed. One of the variables that you cannot control is the neighborhood. It is possible to get a good sense of what the area is like when you go for a showing but it is impossible to know everything about the neighbors upon a couple hour visit. Try to do your research on the neighborhood ahead of time to diminish this concern. The final fear many home buyers are facing are Interest Rates. These rates are currently changing at a moment's notice meaning that rates can go up before you are ready to buy. An experienced realtor can help you navigate all of your finance questions and concerns throughout the process.


On the other side of the market, there are many fears when you decide to SELL your home. Just like buyers, sellers are also worried about Price. A seller wants to make sure that they get the best price possible. Know What Your Home is Worth to help you determine an accurate price for your house and ensure that you will receive offers. It is impossible to know what the Market Response will be for your home. By working with an experienced realtor, they can help garner attention for your home through showings, list at a competitive price, and negotiate offers for you. Even when you have an offer, that does not mean that the fears go away for sellers. You could still face Buyer Issues. It is always a possibility that a buyer might have to back out of the deal due to personal or financial issues. In addition, a Home Inspection could unearth issues that either cost you more money to fix or cause a buyer to second guess the purchase. Working with a realtor can help you through these unexpected turns and continue your journey to finding a buyer for your home.


Having these fears when buying or selling in the real estate market are totally common. Regardless of whether you are being a Buying or Selling, our real estate team is here to help you diminish these fears and help you every step of the way. Give us a call today or visit Our Website at so we can help take the fear out of the process!