Spring is ready to bloom. That means warmer weather and an active housing market! If you are looking to Buy or Sell in Western Upstate South Carolina this spring, it is important to be ready for the market. Here are our tips for navigating your way through this spring.  

Buying this Spring!

Have your Home Financing ready to go as you enter the market. It is easy to apply for a Mortgage today! By having your finances in order, you can appropriately budget for your dream home and know what you can afford. Plus, sellers will know that you are serious about buying by having everything figured out ahead of time. It is going to be a competitive market this spring. Stay ahead of your competition by taking some simple steps. The first is to be flexible in your negotiations. If you find a home that you know is the perfect fit for you, you need to realize that it might take several conversations and offers to make it your own. Next, if there are other offers on the table, write a personal letter to the seller expressing why you and your family want the home. This will truly make you stand out amongst everyone else.

Selling this Spring!

In order to make your home attractive to potential buyers, there are several steps that you should take this spring. The first is to make your home look its very best. Update its curb appeal, add a fresh coat of paint, declutter and depersonalize, and do any other simple updates to make your home stand out. Next, pricing is very important. You want to understand the market during the spring and what a reasonable price is for your home. Use our Home Value website to ensure that you are listing your home at a price point that makes sense. Work with the Top Realtor in the area to help sell your home quickly and at a price that works for you and your family.

If you are interested in buying or selling in our area this spring, Farris McCall Team is here to help. Give us a call today or visit Our Website at http://www.farrismccallrealestate.com/.